Lab Safety Requirements

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Mask N95 Medical When a N95 mask has been tested and is deemed safe to wear, the person wearing it becomes a protected person. These items of clothing are used in various industries that require the worker to be covered in hazardous materials and chemicals. Before any production occurs in any such facility, the employer […]

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Face mask

Surgery: Kn95 Mask to Keep Your Chest Open A new form of surgical mask worn by doctors that is not currently being covered by FDA standards. Kn95 masks work by creating a special airtight seal and are designed to protect the face from inhaling any particles or foreign objects. While in-office surgeries, Kn95 masks can […]

Symptoms of the Coronavirus Mask

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Coronavirus Mask While a large percentage of infections that result from the coronavirus mask are either mild or non-existent, the virus can occasionally cause a disease-like condition. This type of infection is referred to as acute flaccid myelitis. Once this type of condition develops, it often leads to a long and painful recovery. The symptoms […]