KN95 Mask

KN95 Mask

KN95 Mask The company Innovative Medical Products was very aggressive in promoting its KN95 Mask. It paid for newspaper advertisements, television commercials, direct mail pieces, and billboards to inform the public of the product’s potential to remove and prevent signs of aging. Knoll was so well known in the U.S. that many newspapers, which accept […]

Chinese Mask Factory

Chinese Mask Factory The manufacturer of the China mask is manufacturing an optical camera called the Japanese optical camera, which makes it compatible with the mask factory. With this camera you will be able to take pictures. This is the original photo cartridge and a version that were released by JapanKNO95 in Japan in 1995. […]

The rumor during the pandemic


  Corona-virus, it is a pandemic in the world now. On 22 April, there are 2,562,446 infected, 177,827 dead, 706,583 cured in the world. The whole world is in terrible situation now, people will trust the rumors easily, see the following misinformation:      1.consuming alcohol can protect against COVID-19 Governor Mike Sonko allowed bottles […]